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Show Me Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
By Steve Johnson Perspection, Inc.
Pub Date: September 30, 2003
Pages: 448
      Perspection, Inc.
      About The Author
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      Find the Best Place to Start
      What's New
      How This Book Works
      Step-by-Step Instructions
      Real World Examples
      Troubleshooting Guide
      Show Me Live Software
    Chapter 1.  Getting Started with FrontPage
      Preparing to Install FrontPage 2003
      Supporting FrontPage on Your Web Server
      Installing FrontPage 2003
      Starting FrontPage
      Viewing the FrontPage Window
      Working with Menus and Toolbars
      Working with Dialog Boxes
      Using Task Panes
      Creating a Simple Web Page
      Saving a Web Page
      Opening an Existing Web Page
      Finding a File or Text in a File
      Getting Help While You Work
      Getting Help from the Office Assistant
      Getting FrontPage Updates on the Web
      Detecting and Repairing Problems
      Closing a Web Page and Exiting FrontPage
    Chapter 2.  Creating a Web Site
      Planning a Web Site
      Creating a One Page Web Site
      Creating a Web Site Using a Template
      Creating a Web Site Using a Wizard
      Opening an Existing Web Site
      Changing Views
      Working with Folders View
      Viewing the Folder List
      Working with Navigation View
      Creating a Web Site in Navigation View
      Importing Web Content
      Adding Pages to Your Web Site
      Applying a Theme to a Web Page
      Saving a Web Site
      Renaming a Web Site
      Deleting a Web Site
    Chapter 3.  Managing and Linking Web Pages
      Opening Web Pages from Within a Web
      Navigating Web Pages
      Displaying Web Pages in the HTML Format
      Managing Web Pages in Navigation View
      Creating Bookmarks
      Creating Hyperlinks to Files, Web Pages, and E-Mail Addresses
      Editing Hyperlinks
      Adding Shared Borders
      Working with Hyperlinks View
      Verifying Hyperlinks
      Previewing Web Pages
      Previewing and Printing Web Pages
      Exporting Web Content
      Creating a Page Template
      Using a Dynamic Page Template
      Saving a Web Page with Different Formats
    Chapter 4.  Working with Web Page Text
      Entering Text in a Web Page
      Selecting Text in a Page
      Editing Text
      Making Corrections
      Moving and Copying Text
      Working with the Office Clipboard
      Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
      Creating Sublists and Collapsible Lists
      Finding and Replacing Text
      Formatting Text
      Setting Text Alignment and Spacing
      Applying and Creating Styles
      Creating a Cascading Style Sheet
      Inserting Symbols
      Inserting Comments
      Inserting Horizontal Lines
      Checking Spelling
      Checking Spelling as You Type
      Finding the Right Words
      Using Multiple Languages
      Changing Default Text
      Inserting Text from a File
    Chapter 5.  Working with Web Page Graphics
      Understanding Graphics
      Inserting Clip Art
      Adding and Removing Clips
      Organizing Clips
      Accessing Clips on the Web
      Inserting Graphics
      Inserting a Graphic from a Scanner or Camera
      Copying and Pasting Graphics from the Web
      Selecting and Moving Graphics
      Rotating and Flipping Graphics
      Cropping and Resizing Graphics
      Changing Graphic Positioning
      Changing Graphic Stacking Order
      Working with Layers
      Wrapping Text
      Adding Text to a Graphic
      Adjusting Graphic Contrast and Brightness
      Converting Graphic Color
      Adding Borders
      Changing Graphic Formats
      Changing the Way Graphics are Displayed
      Adding Hyperlinks to Graphics
      Working with Graphic Hotspots
      Restoring a Graphic
    Chapter 6.  Inserting Multimedia and Special Effects
      Inserting Flash Movies
      Inserting Video Clips
      Adding Background Sound
      Inserting Background Pictures and Watermarks
      Changing Background Colors
      Accessing More Colors
      Creating Custom Colors
      Creating Thumbnails
      Creating a Photo Gallery
      Modifying a Photo Gallery
      Using Interactive Buttons
      Adding Special Effects to Hyperlinks
      Adding Special Effects to Text
      Creating Marquees
      Inserting a Dynamic HTML Effect
      Animating Page Transitions
    Chapter 7.  Drawing and Modifying Objects
      Setting VML Options
      Creating a Drawing Canvas
      Drawing Lines and Arrows
      Drawing AutoShapes
      Inserting AutoShapes from the Clip Gallery
      Moving an Object
      Choosing Object Colors
      Applying Fill Effects
      Creating Shadows
      Adding 3-D Effects
      Aligning or Distributing Objects
      Changing Object Stacking Order
      Rotating and Flipping an Object
      Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
      Adding WordArt
      Using Rulers and Grid
    Chapter 8.  Laying Out and Formatting Web Pages with Tables
      Creating a Layout Table
      Creating Layout Cells
      Modifying Layout Tables
      Modifying Cell Formatting
      Modifying Cell Headers and Footers
      Modifying Cell Corners and Shadows
      Creating Conventional Tables
      Entering Text in a Table
      Converting Text to a Table
      Filling a Table with Information
      Creating Table Captions
      Adding Cells, Rows, or Columns to Tables
      Resizing Rows and Columns
      Splitting and Merging Cells
      Deleting Table Elements
      Aligning Cell Contents
      Changing Table Properties
      Changing Cell Properties
      Formatting a Table
      Adding Color to a Table
      Adding Images to Tables
    Chapter 9.  Creating Frames and Borders
      Enabling Frames
      Viewing a Frames Page
      Creating a Frames Page Using a Template
      Inserting an Inline Frame
      Adding Content to Frames
      Changing Frame Properties
      Saving Frames Pages
      Targeting a Frame
      Editing Frames Pages
      Deleting a Frame
      Splitting Frames
      Show or Hide Border Frames
      Inserting a Shared Border in a Frame
      Customizing a Frames Page Template
    Chapter 10.  Adding Functionality to Web Pages
      Inserting Hit Counters
      Working with Page Banners
      Including a Page
      Inserting Scheduled Images
      Using Site Parameters and Substitution
      Inserting Timestamps
      Inserting Microsoft Excel Data
      Inserting MSN Content or MSNBC News
      Inserting a Search Form
      Inserting Navigation Bars
      Inserting a Table of Contents
      Creating Discussion Groups
      Creating a Project Web Site
    Chapter 11.  Gathering User Input Using Forms
      Understanding Form Fields
      Validating Forms
      Creating Forms
      Inserting Text Boxes
      Setting Form Tab Order
      Inserting Drop-Down Boxes
      Inserting Check Boxes
      Adding Option Buttons
      Activating a Label
      Inserting Buttons
      Inserting Pictures
      Adding File Uploads
      Formatting Form Fields
      Setting Rules for Entering Data
      Connecting to a Database
      Saving Form Results
      Sending Form Results as E-Mail
      Creating a Confirmation Page
      Creating a Custom Form Handler
    Chapter 12.  Publishing and Managing a Web Site
      Using Remote Site View
      Optimizing HTML
      Publishing a Web Site
      Using FrontPage Server Extensions or SharePoint Services
      Publishing a Web Page
      Updating a Web Site
      Checking Browser Compatibility
      Generating Reports for a Web Site
      Viewing Reports for a Web Site
      Working with Tasks
      Creating Tasks
      Creating Tasks Associated with Files
      Viewing Tasks
      Performing Tasks
      Controlling Workflow Status
      Viewing Workflow Task Assignments
      Checking Documents In and Out
      Applying XML Formatting
    Chapter 13.  Working Together on a SharePoint Team Site
      Viewing SharePoint Team Services
      Administering SharePoint Team Services
      Creating Sites Using SharePoint Templates
      Creating Sites Using SharePoint Packages
      Storing Documents in the Library
      Viewing Team Members
      Setting Up Alerts
      Assigning Project Tasks
      Creating an Event
      Creating Contacts
      Holding Web Discussions
      Working with Shared Workspace
      Installing Windows 2003 and SharePoint Server 2003
    Chapter 14.  Customizing FrontPage
      Customizing General Options
      Configuring External Editors
      Customizing Reports View
      Customizing ASP Options
      Customizing the Menu Bar
      Adding and Removing Toolbar Buttons
      Customizing a Toolbar
      Editing Toolbar Buttons and Menu Entries
      Changing Menu and Toolbar Options
      Controlling FrontPage with Your Voice
      Dictating Text
      Recognizing Handwriting
      Understanding How Macros Automate Your Work
      Automating Your Work with Macros
      Modifying a Macro
   New! Features
      Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
      Borders and Frames
      Clip art and pictures
      Components and functionality
      Creating, opening and saving a Web page
      Flash movies, video clips and more
      Importing and exporting content
      Installing and file repair
      Languages and language bar
      Menus and toolbars
      Previewing, printing and reports
      Sharing data (SharePoint)
      Special effects
      Tables and cells
      Templates and styles
      Views and page formats
      Web structure
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