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Practical Web Technologies
By P. K. Yuen, V. Lau
Pub Date: September 09, 2003
Pages: 928


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   Part I.  HTML/XHTML for instant Web
        Chapter 1.  From HTML to XHTML and Web site design
      Section 1.1.  Introduction: a practical review of XHTML
      Section 1.2.  A quick start with Web pages
      Section 1.3.  Using images on XHTML
      Section 1.4.  Hyperlinks, tables, and frames
      Section 1.5.  Publishing your page on the Internet and search engines
        Chapter 2.  Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for Web pages
      Section 2.1.  What is CSS style?
      Section 2.2.  Controlling text properties with style
      Section 2.3.  Background and border
      Section 2.4.  Dimensioning and positioning of elements
      Section 2.5.  Other design techniques using the CSS style
        Chapter 3.  Graphics, fonts, and colors using Java
      Section 3.1.  Beginning Java programming
      Section 3.2.  Controlling fonts and colors with Java applets
      Section 3.3.  Displaying graphics and shapes using Java
      Section 3.4.  Business graphics with Java applets
        Chapter 4.  Images, animations, and multimedia
      Section 4.1.  Using multimedia on the Web
      Section 4.2.  Basic multimedia applications on the Web
      Section 4.3.  Embedding and controlling WMP
      Section 4.4.  Using plugins for multimedia applications
      Section 4.5.  Using the Java Media Framework (JMF) and Player
        Chapter 5.  XML and XSLT
      Section 5.1.  An introduction to XML and XSLT
      Section 5.2.  Transforming XML to XHTML using XSLT
      Section 5.3.  Manipulating XML data with XSLT
      Section 5.4.  Using CSS and parser on XML documents
   Part II.  Practical programming techniques for the Web I
        Chapter 6.  Start with mouse-over control
      Section 6.1.  Introduction: mouse events on the Web
      Section 6.2.  Beginning mouse over (or rollover)
      Section 6.3.  Changing text attributes with mouse over
      Section 6.4.  Basic mouse clicks and position control
      Section 6.5.  Generating menus with mouse over
        Chapter 7.  Practical use of script
      Section 7.1.  Web programming with scripts
      Section 7.2.  Basic boxes and controls
      Section 7.3.  Detection
      Section 7.4.  Cookies, cookies
      Section 7.5.  Implementation of an online shopping cart
        Chapter 8.  Controlling frames and browser window(s)
      Section 8.1.  Controlling frames I
      Section 8.2.  Controlling frames II
      Section 8.3.  Browser window(s) I
      Section 8.4.  Browser window(s) II
        Chapter 9.  Programming moving objects
      Section 9.1.  An introduction to moving objects
      Section 9.2.  Controlling objects with event handlers
      Section 9.3.  Setting up general event handlers
      Section 9.4.  Practical techniques for moving objects
      Section 9.5.  Handling multiple moving objects
   Part III.  Practical programming techniques for the Web II
        Chapter 10.  Using the Document Object Model (DOM) I
      Section 10.1.  An introduction to the DOM
      Section 10.2.  Controlling input elements with DOM interfaces
      Section 10.3.  Multiple checkboxes and radio boxes
      Section 10.4.  Select boxes and their applications
      Section 10.5.  A page to match new friends
        Chapter 11.  Using the Document Object Model (DOM) II
      Section 11.1.  The object structure of the DOM
      Section 11.2.  The collection features provided by the DOM
      Section 11.3.  The DOM Core
      Section 11.4.  Working with the DOM Core interfaces
      Section 11.5.  Some DOM Core applications
        Chapter 12.  Date and time manipulations
      Section 12.1.  An introduction to date and time functions
      Section 12.2.  Static date and time on the Web
      Section 12.3.  Dynamic date and time on the Web
      Section 12.4.  Generating calendars
      Section 12.5.  Getting date and time information from server
        Chapter 13.  Practical emailing
      Section 13.1.  An introduction to email and mail agents
      Section 13.2.  Basic emailing with browsers
      Section 13.3.  Verifying email addresses using pattern matching
      Section 13.4.  Controlling email with ASP and PHP server script
      Section 13.5.  Emailing and Perl
   Part IV.  Server CGI Techniques and Databases
        Chapter 14.  Using the Common Gateway Interface
      Section 14.1.  Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
      Section 14.2.  CGI applications and preprocessors
      Section 14.3.  Using CGI with forms
      Section 14.4.  Passing data to CGI applications: name/value pairs
      Section 14.5.  A simple e-commerce application for small businesses
        Chapter 15.  CGI applications using Perl script
      Section 15.1.  Using server environment and system functions
      Section 15.2.  Using server storage
      Section 15.3.  Basic CGI applications with Perl
      Section 15.4.  Practical CGI applications with Perl
        Chapter 16.  Using ASP and migrating to ASP.NET
      Section 16.1.  An introduction to ASP and ASP.NET
      Section 16.2.  ASP objects and their applications on the Web
      Section 16.3.  CGI applications with ASP
      Section 16.4.  Controlling system storage and resources with ASP
      Section 16.5.  Migrating ASP to ASP.NET
        Chapter 17.  Programming databases and MySQL
      Section 17.1.  An introduction to SQL databases
      Section 17.2.  Using MySQL
      Section 17.3.  Database programming with ODBC
      Section 17.4.  Database programming with Database Interface (DBI)
      Section 17.5.  Accessing databases with ADO and ASP
        Chapter 18.  Application of SQL and PHP to databases
      Section 18.1.  Creating databases and tables with SQL
      Section 18.2.  Basic SQL query statements
      Section 18.3.  Built-in SQL functions and multiple tables
      Section 18.4.  Designing database applications with PHP (I)
      Section 18.5.  Designing database applications with PHP (II)
   Part V.  Web security, e-commerce, and other topics
        Chapter 19.  Security technologies on the Web
      Section 19.1.  Basic data security
      Section 19.2.  Data protection begins with passwords
      Section 19.3.  Putting encrypted passwords in databases
      Section 19.4.  MD and digital signatures
      Section 19.5.  Data security with public-key technology
      Section 19.6.  A quick tour of GnuPG
        Chapter 20.  Practical e-commerce and SSL security
      Section 20.1.  An introduction to e-commerce
      Section 20.2.  A general login page for e-commerce
      Section 20.3.  Implementation of an online bargain hunting shop
      Section 20.4.  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and OpenSSL
      Section 20.5.  Building a secure Web site with HTTPS
        Chapter 21.  Mobile Internet and WML
      Section 21.1.  An introduction to Mobile Internet
      Section 21.2.  Mobile Internet pages with WML I
      Section 21.3.  Mobile Internet pages with WML II
      Section 21.4.  Using WMLScript with WML pages
      Section 21.5.  WML applications with CGI and databases
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